lucky for you, your self empowerment starts today

The days of healers waving their hands over you don't have to end. There is a place for that kind of work. But now begins the era of SELF HEALING. Chiron in Aries. Chiron is the healer. Aries is the Warrior and the Self. These two energies just got together and will be aligned for the next 8 years. By the time Chiron in Aries is over, you will be building empires. All by yourself.

How do you become empowered? Setting goals for yourself, having a purpose. BUT, first things first. You still have to heal your old wounds. THAT IS STEP ONE. I know - what a drag. But it doesn't take long. It's easy, and it is the step that makes all the other steps possible. You gotta start at the beginning.

The easiest way I have found to clean off the dirt that's blocking your light is EFT. I have used it, trained in it and can guide you through it.

First session free until March 21. $120 per session after. Sliding scale, when needed.


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