It's not you, it's your past

Updated: Feb 24

When I had my first big healing, I remember saying to the practitioner, "I don't know if there's anything left to heal."

I think about it so often now -what if I had canceled that session with Brent Baum? I thought about canceling it. Brent is a trauma therapist. What trauma did I have? And this is what I find a lot with people. They have no idea there is something that needs healing or that life can get better without an actual miracle taking place. But it can.

For one thing, you can make your chronic anxiety go away. I had such a hollow feeling inside myself, it's amazing I could stand upright. Maybe the butterflies living inside me kept me from falling over. I don't know. But I do know this: I feel solid now, calm, more sure of myself. I am not afraid of people or their judgments. I seldom even think about those things anymore. I am not finished with my healing work, not by a long shot, but I am so much closer, and I can feel it.

When I get someone in for a session, it is almost always the same. We talk, we tap and then they say - about the effect of some bad memory, "It just left." And they say, "I feel lighter." And I say, "Yes!!!" This instant feedback is so rewarding. It's like being an artist and watching people admire your work. It's that awesome. And I love knowing that I am making a contribution, improving someone's life in a tangible way.

So, how do you know you need this work? Well, I guess I would just assume you need this work. But here's a good quick questionnaire.

1. Do you love your job?

2. Are you happy with your relationship status?

3. Do you feel you are compensated properly for the work you do?

4. Do you have any fears?

5. Do you love yourself?

6. Do you have difficulty saying, "No" ?

7. Do you ever feel that you are in some way not 'good enough'?

8. Do you smile a lot?

Please feel free to call me and ask any questions, no obligation. But, please, make an obligation to yourself if you are getting a feeling that this work might be helpful.

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