Intuitive EFT

Updated: Feb 24

The other day, I did a trade with a beautiful light of a young woman who was trained in EFT several years ago by “a hippie lady.” It was great to have this session. It helped re-inspire me, get me back in my intuitive flow. It also reminded me how accommodative and flexible this tool is.

We didn’t follow the clinical protocols I was trained in. But we worked with intent, heart, exactitude and determination, and I felt a huge shift, as if the earth had moved beneath my feet. Suddenly, I felt like something had been removed, like a piece of me had been plucked out and was gone. That piece was the effect of a childhood incident that had scarred me and become part of my identity. For decades, I had been carrying this wound. I had no idea how big it was, how vast, how it had possibly changed the possibilities of whom I would become, block my light and diminish me.

Wow. What a burden to carry. And suddenly, it was off me, removed. I almost felt incomplete without it. However, the next day I woke up feeling so much lighter and freer. And I am that much more excited about this powerful tool for transformation, this gift that was bestowed on me and this work.

EFT is not something to use once or twice. It is something to incorporate into a daily practice - because it has a cumulative effect - and it is a tool to, once-in-awhile, go very deep with, because it is possible to redefine your identity in one, unexpected, fell swoop.

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